SpyBot - Search & Destroy


This week's offering sounds more like a Schwarzenegger movie then an anti-spyware program, but its ease of use and broad coverage makes this utility with the macho name a nice addition to your privacy arsenal! S-S&D searches your hard disk for different kinds of internet threats – including Dialers, Hijackers, Keyloggers, Malware, Trojans, Trackers, and Spybots!


After performing a Search, any discovered "problems" are listed and you can then select what you want to Destroy. S-S&D belongs in the same family of tools as AdAware, and will find potential bad actors that AA might not look for. S-S&D can be set for seven languages preferences, offers a high degree of user customization, and has a Recovery feature "just in case".
Push the button on your mouse* on the following link to download SpyBot - Search

Belarc Advisor

Thanks to reader Holly S., who wrote in response to "Start Me Up" to recommend this week's File Find! - The Belarc Advisor. The Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software and hardware and displays the results in your Web browser. All of your PC profile information is kept private on your PC and is not sent to any web server.
When loaded, The Advisor will evaluate your system and and provide you with a nicely formatted HTML that displays info about your: Operating System, System Model, Processor, Main Circuit Board, Drives, Memory Modules, Network Drives, Controllers, Printers, Display, Bus Adapters, Multimedia, Communications, Other Devices, Software Licenses, and version info on all installed software! There's also a link to each installed application's location on your drive(s).
Note that the license associated with this product allows for free personal use only. Use on multiple PCs in a corporate, educational, military or government installation is not allowed.


I didn’t do it, it was default of Word


Do you find yourself changing the font or font size every time you start a new document? Make every document start just the way you want by changing your defaults –
I) Begin in a new, blank document,
II) Select Format, then Font from the Menu bar,
III) From the Font tab, select the font and font size,
IV) Click the “Default” button.
V) And confirm your changes.
Note: All NEW documents will have the new settings, previously saved documents will not be changed.


Protect Yourself


Just last week I received another virus-laden email. As luck would have it, I recognized the little critter [Happy99.exe – NEVER open this file if you receive it!] but I didn’t need luck – my virus-scan software caught it.
Would YOU be so lucky? Are you running virus-scanning software, and is it up to date? (you should update your virus data files AT LEAST once a month!!) One local office supply store had McAfee VirusScan on sale for less than $20 this week, there’s really no reason to leave your valuable computer investment unprotected!!
WORTHLESS TIDBIT – As of this past Sunday, Bill Gates had a net worth of over $90 billion. $90 billion worth of dollar bills, laid end-to-end, would reach to the moon and back, OVER 35 times!!
OOPS – The above was written on Monday morning. By Monday night, Bill had lost $12 billion. Now it’s only 30 times!


A File By Any Other Name


Three quick way to rename a file or folder in windows -
a) Right-click icon, and choose Rename –or-
b) Two (2) single-clicks on the icon’s label –or-
c) Select file or folder, tap the F2 key.

Use one of the methods above, then key your new name and tap your Enter key.


Tasty Tidbits


Create a new text document on your desktop and name it Tidbits. When you come across a tip, quote, recipe, joke, or such that you'd like save for the future, copy and paste it into your Tidbits file rather than saving the entire email or newsletter. You'll save not only the info, but also disk space, and reduce file clutter too! As your Tidbit file grows, simply use the Find option to track down a desired item when required!


Spaced Out


Working in Word? Here's how to quickly change from single line spacing to double-spacing:
Place your insertion point in the paragraph you want to change (or select multiple paragraphs) then:
* Ctrl-1 for single-spacing,
* Ctrl-5 for line-and-a-half,
* and Ctrl-2 for double-spacing.




IE-SPYAD is a Registry file (IE-ADS.REG) that adds a long list of known advertisers, marketers, and spyware pushers to the Restricted sites zone of Internet Explorer. Once IE-ADS.REG is "merged" into your Registry, most direct marketers and spyware pushers will not be able to resort to their usual "tricks" (e.g., cookies, scripts, pop-ups, et al) in order to monitor and track your behavior while you surf the Net. IE-SPYAD will not block banner ads in Internet Explorer; what it will do is:
1)stop obnoxious script-based pop-ups that clutter your screen and force unwanted advertising on you;
2)block the cookies typically attached to banner ads and which are used to monitor and track your travels around the Internet;
3)prevent the use of ActiveX, Java, and scripting -- active content technologies that can be used to compromise your privacy and security;
4)protect you against auto-installing crapware from spyware pushers (e.g., BonziBuddy, Gator) that can invade your system, monitor your computer and Internet use, and trash your PC. [87 KB\EXE]