Okay, you may not think about produce often...but maybe you should. If you're one of those folks whose purchases in the produce department are limited to tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce and onions and you shy away from the "exotics" that nestle alongside in the display case; then do I have a site for you!
Aboutproduce.com is a virtual cornucopia of gustatory delights for those in a produce-oriented state of mind. Need another recipe for the never-ending supply of summer squash your co-worker brings in? Curious about which vegetables reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke? Need to store a Santa Claus melon? Ever wonder why many veggies have a "waxy" feel? You'll find the answers to these questions and more at Aboutproduce.com!


History of...\Worst Titles


Reader Paul C. wrote to remind me that the "Old Chinese curse" I referred to in last issue should have been "interesting times" and not "exciting times" as I wrote... which motivated me to be especially sure I was correct in using the quote "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it," often attributed to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Good thing, too, as I found out that the proper quote, by George Santayana, is "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
Which is a long and convoluted way of introducing our first site, History of..., which is but one page from the web site of Evansville teacher Nancy B. Mautz. History of... is a clever list of all websites that meet one simple criterion - they're named "The History of -" History of what? How about... Flashlights? Potato chips? Brain surgery ? There's plenty to see and lots to learn at History of... (in spite of its "more-than-I-like-to-see-in-a-recommended-site" number of dead links)


GeoMaestro\Radio Diaries


Hmmm. How about this? Take an Excel scatter chart and put it to music. Take the results of a Spirograph and make a midi. Gather some things that look like snowflakes and others like the rigging on a model ship--and somehow, and the details are far beyond me, become strangely melodic works of art. GeoMaestro - give it both a look and a listen!
NPR's All Things Considered will move you, leave you breathless, bring you to tears and refresh your soul with "Radio Diaries, People Documenting their lives on National Public Radio." Short audio snippets of everyday people's lives, where you can: peak into a day in the life of a 21-year old girl with cystic fibrosis; hear the prison system, from the very viewpoints of inmates, officers, and judges; or experience what it's like to be 17-years old and find out your father has been a fugitive for more than 15 years...plus many, many more. A winner!


Fed Gateway / Christo


Where can you find links to “George Washington’s Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation”, “Top 50 Diseases Funded By The National Institutes of Health”, and this week’s Hot Site – “National Organic Program”?? Find these and lots more at your gateway to all things Uncle Sam - related: http://www.fedgate.org/ -- hey, you’re paying for this stuff, might as well use it!
Now, to cleanse your palette – have you ever seen the artwork of Christo and Jeanne-Claude? These artists have surrounded entire islands in Florida with fabric, wrapped curtains around trees, many HUGE works of art incorporating the environment. See great jaw-dropping photos of their art here – don’t miss the Wall of 13,000 Oil Drums!


Fried Turkey/Wacky Uses


Okay, it's getting down to the last minutes, the relatives are about to knock on the door, and you suddenly realize that the oven is on the fritz. What are you going to do with that naked 15-pound bird waiting to be roasted?
Not to worry! With a few simple components (135,000 BTU outdoor propane burner, 9-gallon pot, 5 gallons of peanut oil) you can fry that turkey in 45 minutes, serve a delicious meal to all the nieces and nephews – and do it with flair! Face it, doesn’t the element of risk that comes with potentially incinerating yourself along with your bird add to the enjoyment of dinner preparation?
Get the lowdown on the procedure, complete with photos of the evolving process (over the past four years) delivered with a homey and humorous touch – "Everywhere we fry one, people are always impressed, and scared."


Revealing Things\Soundbites


Revealing Things is an ongoing project of Smithsonian Without Walls, the first Smithsonian exhibition created especially for the Internet. Explore objects from the museum's collections, while hearing their stories directly and meet the people who made, used, or donated them.
Use the unique Maplet technology to move fluidly from artifact to recollection to media clip to sound bite as you discover how this archiver of the past is using tomorrow's technology to bring you its exhibits.
You will find quite a few links "under construction", but still worth the trip - bookmark it and return in a month or two: