I've another of those popular video funnies this week, this one courtesy of a frequent contributor, "Gluguy". Something for everyone here - animal lovers, soccer players, knitters, and anyone else that simply needs a smile:
You can download "Goal!" here [1.41 MB\Zipped MPEG]
What's New in The Basement Games Room, you ask? There's Cable Capers, Peanuts, and just-right-for-the-season, Field Goal Challenge. Stop by and conquer a few electrons!


Purr-fect Yoga

Join Yogi Karl and his assistant Ovaria in Purr-fect Yoga--"A cat, a mat, and 20 minutes and you can be happy." Take this as fair warning, however, you'll not find relaxation here! Rather, the peace and tranquility you'll experience will come from the endorphins that will be released when you bust a gut laughing at this newest "New Age" lampoon!
There are currently three Purr-fect videos that you'll find at Yogakitty.com in both Quicktime and Windows Media Player versions!


Games Galore

No download this week, instead the newest addition to The Basement Value Pack!!!
Some of the best times I had as a kid were spent in my buddy Mike's basement, where there was a real, 100% gen-ewe-ine pinball machine. The coin slot was rigged so a quarter would pass right through after crediting your games (3 games!), and I spent countless hours as a pre-teen sharpening my skills as a junior pinball wizard.
My second home during teenage years was the pinball arcade, where you'd find me testing my reflexes against the finest electronic monsters out there. So you can understand why I take such great pleasure in throwing open the doors of a new addition to The Basement - The Games Room!
The new Basement Games Room offers 65 challenging Flash games in the categories of Sports, Shooting, Puzzles, Action and Fun Stuff. New games will be added every 2 weeks... and I guarantee you're going to find something that tickles your fancy. Prepare to waste valuable time in the pursuit of frivolous entertainment! Can you get past Acno's 10tj level:LYPXW7EDRCU? How many of those happy little smiley faces can you splat with a paintball gun? How long can you get away with this before the boss comes in?
Click to visit the Basement Game Room! - (and be sure to come back!)


Electronic Ballot

It is always a delight when I can pass on the newest of technological advances to my readers. Therefore, it is with great pleasure I present a much better alternative to the "paper-punch" ballots that caused such problems in the recent election. The Electronic Ballot is here!


Computer Cat

This week's Email Funny is my favorite of the four movies you'll find at Matt Wolf's site, http://www.cyberpounce.com These clips are meant to show the effectiveness of Matt's new software creation - a product built specifically for your feline friends!
CyberPounce is a collection of 11 online toys and games including helpless little birds, dangling spiders and a furry mouse, all of which dart around the computer screen. As this clip shows, CyberPounce has a great potential to become the purr-fect computer entertainment for your cat:



Anyone remember Hot Chocolate's "I Believe in Miracles (You Sexy Thing)" from the early '70's? Raymond does!
As a follow-up for those of you who liked last week's Alien Song, I have another animation that you'll also like! I'd like to introduce you to Raymond, a singing/dancing/groovin' mouse with attitude who woos a piece of cheese - located strategically (of course) on a mousetrap.
Raymond is the handiwork of Michael Loeck, a gifted young animator who earns his daily bread as a network tech support rep! Visit his site at Immortal3d.com and browse his collection of 3D stills, then download this week's Email Funny, "Raymond". I wouldn't be surprised at all to see this artist's name in the credits of a big-screen hit some day down the line...


Your Pilot Speaking, 2002

Once upon a time, we would fly "the friendly skies." That was then, and this is quite a different time. Here's a bittersweet Email Funny, one with a hint of nostalgia heavily overlaid with an icing of reality: